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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Royal fathers charge oil firm not to kill themselves over Ogoni oil

His Royal Majesty, King Godwin Gininwa shaking hands with President Buhari

His Royal Majesty, King Godwin Gininwa, who is also chairman of Supreme Council of Ogoni Traditional Rulers has charged a new oil company in the area not to ignite fight or kill themselves because of Ogoni oil.
The monarch spoke at his home town in Korokoro Community, Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State, when the newly established Ogoni Petroleum Company Limited, OPLC, led by it's Managing Director visited.
According to him, "The problem I have is that our people are not doing business. We should be business minded. We should also be united. Don't go and kill yourselves because of Ogoni oil.
"I support the formation of Ogoni oil company. My job is to stay as a father to the company and I will not regret it. If NDPC is looking for people to be their contractor you should be the first. I am happy that Ogoni people have come into this business."
The monarch regretted that Ogoni people have for long being in bondage, noting that the firm would be a turning point for the development of the area, even as he promised the relate same to the President Buhari.
"We have been in bondage. Our children have been going to other places for work, now that opportunity has come, what we want is good arrangement, so you will not fail.
"Are we going to sit and see oil flowing and we are dying of hunger? This is what we are thinking about, not that we don't want oil exploration. Are we going to drink the oil.
"I will want to see President Muhammadu Buhari privately to inform him that Ogoni people have formed their own oil company. You have my support on this move," Gininwa said.
In a similar vein, His Royal Highness, Samuel Nnee, Bene Mene Tua-Tua Tai, the paramount ruler of Kpite, noted that Ogoni would use its natural gift to get all it wanted.
Nnee said: "Ogoni today does not have an industry. Let us use what we have to get what we want. The only thing we have now is oil. The oil is our own. Nobody is going to take us out of our problem, but we ourselves."
However, the MD of OPLC, Promise, had solicited the cooperation, understanding and support of government, royal fathers of the area and other Ogonis for success of the move to take over oil exploration in the area.

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