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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

PDP government in Imo only exists on Whatsapp & Face-book--Okorocha

Immediate past governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha on Wednesday blasted Governor Emeka Ihedioha for doing nothing since he emerged governor almost one month ago.
Speaking through his Special Adviser on Media, Sam Onwuemeodo, Okorocha said that “sooner than later, Imo people would miss Owelle Rochas Okorocha as governor, because he had governed the State with unbridled vision, passion and mission and had achieved a lot for the State, notwithstanding the hostility of the elite and godfathers in the State.
According to Onwuemedo, “Owelle Okorocha ran people-oriented government and in his administration, anybody could be appointed into any position not minding his background. But today, Governor Emeka Ihedioha has returned the government of the State to the elite and godfathers. And the government cannot fly. Since its inauguration on May, 29, 2019, the government has only been functioning on WhatsApp and Face-Book, with no action in reality. The State is at the moment, dormant. Nothing is happening.
They have been busy trying to divert attention by constantly talking ill of Okorocha’s mega or prime projects. They have been reversing all the sensitive decisions and policies of the former governor without considering the fact that such decisions and policies were in the overall interest of the State and her people.
There has never been any clear-cut policy statement on any issue. It has been somewhat cut and nail business with no one clearly in-charge. The Secretary to the State Government has his own Special Adviser on media. The Chief of Staff has his own Special Adviser on media. The Deputy-Governor also has a Special Adviser on media. And the governor equally has his own Special Adviser on media. And you see all these Special Media Advisers saying different things on one particular issue. Infact, Imo people are yet to see a government with a direction. As we write, there is none in the State.”
He added that “no sensitive government can close the new University at Ohaji/Egbema that has taken off with its operational licence intact. What the government needed to do was to carefully look at the entire setting and smoothen rough edges if any and allow the University to continue since it is the property of the State. But they shot it down.
They have not come up with any policy or action but only dealing with some of the projects or actions of the former governor. Yet, these are the same people who had told the world that Okorocha did nothing in Imo. A government that is keen in service would have taken off from where Rochas Okorocha stopped since the issue is about the good of the State.
The governor is also interested in knowing the operational structure of Eastern Palm University because it is located at Ogboko but the other new Universities built in other areas including the one in his area Aboh Mbaise, with their operational licences gotten, are all waiting for his action.
He has set up more than twenty committees and they have not begun to do anything meaningful except extorting money from Imo people and threatening everybody in the State. He has sacked elected Council Chairmen and Councillors and set up Caretaker Committees not minding the effects.
Finally, Governor Ihedioha should also know that only his achievements would speak for him against Rochas Okorocha and not insults and blackmail. Imo people have seen Okorocha’s visible achievements and only counter achievements by him would settle the matter. If the fly-overs, the tunnels, the roads, the new Universities, and so on, Owelle built are not good, the governor should build his own. It is as simple as that.”

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