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Thursday, 27 December 2018

UK's Conservative Party in collaborative discussion with ADP

ADP's Yabagi
The internationally recognized Action Democratic Party Flag bearer was in UK for collaborative discussion with the conservative Party of the United Kingdom (UK) who has indicated interest in adopting Nigeria's Action Democratic Party (ADP) as a model Party to work with in Africa.
In a statement made available to newsmen by the ADP Presidential candidate, Engr Yabagi Sani in Abuja on his arrival from the United Kingdom, the bilateral discussions between Engr Sani and a frontline leader of the Conservative Party, Honourable Andrew Rosindell Member of the UK Parliament, representing the two countries will further deepen our democracy. 
According to him, the UK's Conservative Party will assist to build by providing technical support and capacity building to ADP. 
The only way Nigeria's democracy can grow and translate into massive economic development is to first reform our political parties, and model it like political parties in advance countries such as the United Kingdom. 
If you look at the UK, things are working well there, the institutions of government respects law and humanity, the political parties adhere to the rules of engagement, they don't breed political thugs nor allow the subvertion of people's will. These are things we must first of all tackle if we want Nigeria to work for all of us, and this is the reason our party is looking at a "New Direction" because we cannot continue to do same thing same way all the time and expect different result, Sani said.  
The political and socio economy activities in Nigeria has not been to the benefit of the people, we must find a ways to change that, by implication we must start the reform and orientation shift from our political parties.  
Our current political structure cannot give us the desired outcome as a country, faulting the way and manner politicians are allowing underdevelopment and corruption, Sani Said. 
Conservative Party was founded in 1834, and is a centre-right political party in the United Kingdom. It is currently the governing party, having been so since the 2010 general election, where a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats was formed, the current Prime Minister Theresa May is the Party leader.
Sani whose 2019 Presidential ambition has further received boost with the endorsement of Members of United Kingdom Parliament, he was given the opportunity to observe both the House of Lords and Common in session. 
On the December 10, 2018, Engr. Sani was hosted to a get together dinner with the British Investors doing Businesses In Africa during an annual gathering of the West Minister Business Group organized by the British Parliament, under the Chairmanship of Honourable Lawrence Robertson, Member of Parliament of United Kingdom. His visit to United Kingdom is one of many where he is working to bring investors to Nigeria when he emerge as the next President.
In furtherance of building trade relationships with UK and the rest of the World, Sani was invited by Honourable Andrew Rosindell, M.P, to a Christmas Dinner where he had the opportunity to address his hosts on merits of trade relationships with Nigeria in other to elevate Nigeria’s economic outlook. 
Sani reiterated that working hand in hand with a leader already accepted by prominent world leaders such as those at the Christmas Dinner is a “ win; Win for all” other prominent Members of the UK Parliament present at the Dinner are Honourable Sherryl Murray, M.P; Honourable Col. Bob Stewart D.S.O . M. P.
Gracing the occasion and also present was Her Excellency Janice Charette; High Commissioner of Canada, Taipei Repressive Office in the United Kingdom; Amb. David Y. L. Lin, Honourable Eric Bush; Cayman Islands Goverment Rep. to U. K and Honourable Sergi Marcen, Head of Catalonia Delegation to the United Kingdon and other Notable dignitaries.
It is worthy of mention that ADP is the fastest growing political party in Nigeria gradually making the two dominant parties to fade because they have consistently failed citizens

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