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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Fallen Soldiers: Ezekwesili mourns , calls for death figures


Presidential  Candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has lamented the killings of soldiers by  suspected Boko Haram terrorists, saying that such does not speak well of  the country’s internal security apparatus.
The presidential candidate, in a press statement to commiserate with  families of the deceased, on Sunday, wondered why it took the military  about a week to confirm the incident whose video already went viral.
She challenged the military authorities and the Commander-in-Chief to  prove that they haven't failed the nation's soldiers.
While commiserating with families of the deceased, Ezekwesili demanded  that the fallen heroes must not be deprived of their honour.
The ACPN presidential candidate, whose records and global endorsements  have shown to be the best person for the job, noted that many questions  were begging for answers with the recent killings of soldiers.
She asked the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to publish the  names and authentic figures of fallen heroes for Nigerians to know the  extent of damage and for record purposes.
Ezekwesili said, "There are pertinent questions that the Federal  Government and the military need to answer. How did this latest in a  series of killings  of our soldiers in frontline of battle catch our  country off-guard? Don’t we think the official line that the Presidency  and military have been pushing on the state of the terrorism war is 
endangering our soldiers and nation? Can the government be more honest  on the challenges it appears to be facing in prosecuting the war?
"It is no longer acceptable for our heroes to die and not be accorded  the honour of gallantry. The FG and the military must accord full  military burial rites to the fallen soldiers and also publish the list  of others who have died and had been buried discretely in recent times  without giving the Nigerian people the opportunity to celebrate their  gallantry.
"The FG should immediately take measures to protect and preserve our  soldiers, military establishments, our people and territory to avoid  further deaths. It is time for a review of current operational strategy  being used to prosecute the war. It is also high time that our Intel was  revamped.
"FG must take measures to assess the failure of leadership of the  Service Chiefs - performance, accountability and consequence has been  missing for far too long and must now change."
She subsequently advised the military to improve on its intelligent  gathering, saying that would be key to defeating the Boko Haram  insurgency.
She said, , "We express our sympathy and condolence to the families and  loved ones of the departed soldiers. They are another set of heroes who  have sacrificed their lives for others to live. This calls for a sober  reflection and declaration of mourning days by the government.
Nigeria security operatives need to do more on intelligence gathering.  It is one of the key apparatus that must not be missing while fighting  terrorists.”
The presidential candidate added, "The recent killing is a tragic and  saddening occurrence and we pray to God to give the deceased family the  fortitude to bear the loss."

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