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Thursday, 11 October 2018

No place for electoral fraudsters in Imo APC --Okorocha

The governor of Imo State and leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state, Rochas Okorocha has said that political fraudsters who do not believe in the ballot box and in the principle of one man, one vote won’t be comfortable in Imo APC and in the State generally.
The governor remarked that there are certain Politicians in the State who do not believe that the votes of Party members or the votes of Imo people must count in either Party primaries or in the election proper, and they are the ones trying to cause problem in Imo APC.
He explained that APC members and Imo people in general must Continue to insist on proper voting in every election and those who cannot win primaries or election without manipulation or without running away with electoral officers and materials should leave the APC or quit Politics in the State.
The governor noted that the direct primary adopted by Imo APC in the choice of its Candidates had exposed paper tiger Politicians in the State who were afraid of testing their Popularity even among the Party members they claimed they belong.
He said that the Imo APC would continue to adopt Direct Primary as its Culture in the choice of Candidates and would have also preferred option A4 for the main election so that Nigerians can know popular Politicians who are in touch with their people and those whose Politics begins and stops at the federal capital territory Abuja and on the social media.
He commended the writers of the APC Constitution and the National Working Committee of the party for the direct primary option because it distinguishes between Popular and unpopular aspirants or Politicians and also allows popular participation by members of the Party especially in the wards.
The governor assured members of the party in the State that Chief Hope Uzodinma whose claim of being a member of Imo APC is still in doubt and his cohorts won’t succeed in their efforts to create crisis in the party.

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