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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ondo APC lauds creation of CPPP


The Ondo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has applauded the creation of the Coalition of Progressives Political Parties (CPPP), describing it as a purposeful union.
The State Publicity Secretary, Alex Kalejaye, said the decision of leaders of the various political parties, that join forces with the ruling APC, was informed by genuine desire to lead the country to greater heights. 
Kalejaye argued that credible parties and personalities won't have joined hands with the ruling party except they were convinced the current administration was in the right path to a new Nigeria.
"The APC is glad that credible parties and organisations are beginning to acknowledge the unadulterated efforts of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to ensure lasting economic prosperity for the country, and quality life for the citizenry.
"No credible and descent personality wants to identify with a drowning group. It is therefore expected that the outstanding political parties that have offered to work with the APC must have done their homework diligently, and come to a positive conclusion that the party is on course.
"It is interesting that the parties all spoke about their unwavering believe in the unity and stability of this country. To that extent, they are putting the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians ahead of personal ambitions."
The State spokesman explained that accepting an offer of assistance, or collaborating with others was never an indication that the ruling party was scared of victory in future elections, stressing that "forming an alliance with people of like minds only makes the task ahead much raiser".
He described the PDP coalition as mark of excessive desperation for power, which could send the country to another wilderness. 
Kalejaye contends: "The other coalition was done primarily to wrest power in 2019 (an unattainable dream) and thereafter think of what to do with the power.
"The unreformed coalition has no dream for the country; no agenda whatsoever; and no zeal to develop the land and the people.
"The APC has set forth on the economic recovery mission, and every genuine effort is currently being invested into deepening our democratic life as a nation."

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