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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

EOLO builds next generation SDN router with 6WINDGate software

6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, Tuesday announced that EOLO SpA, an Internet Service Provider based in Varese, Italy, selected 6WINDGate™ packet processing software as the networking stack to build its next-generation Software-defined Networking (SDN) routers, including a transition to x86 servers. EOLO will deploy its new SDN routers in thousands of radio towers spread across Italy for ultra-broadband Internet access.
Driven by the lack of incumbent networking hardware that balanced cost versus functionality, EOLO took an innovative approach to create an SDN router solution – a hardware platform called “Blu” - using the Linux operating system, commodity hardware and 6WINDGate networking software as an alternative to deploying Cisco routers. EOLO’s “Blu” platform includes high performance packet processing with over 120 million packets per second, including packet inspection and encryption, within a 19” standard rack installation.
The initial project, which began five years ago, allowed EOLO to expand its wireless network to cover Italian regions that previously lacked broadband Internet availability. With 6WIND software, EOLO built a custom SDN routing appliance for deployment at its radio towers, enabling quick delivery of Internet access to its customers.

EOLO’s original SDN router project combined 6WINDGate software with EZchip’s TILE-Gx multicore processors. This new project migrates to the latest x86 architectures by leveraging 6WINDGate software, based on Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), for a complete, high performance networking stack on a short-depth, 32-port Advantech SKY-8211 Virtual Edge Server featuring an Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor. 6WINDGate seamlessly migrates its fast path networking services across hardware platforms into EOLO’s redundant and distributed next-gen SDN router architecture directly on the network edge.

Access to 6WINDGate source code allows EOLO’s engineers to design purpose-specific SDN functions into their routers. 6WINDGate enables customization of networking and virtual switching features such as application-aware QoS with a userspace-optimized version of Open vSwitch. OpenFlow is leveraged with 6WINDGate’s XML-based management plane within EOLO’s existing management interface for centralized management, ease of data collection and statistics visualization.
We took an innovative approach five years ago to create wireless networks by building our own SDN routers versus buying mainstream networking devices from well-known telecom suppliers” said Luca Spada, CEO at EOLO. “Working with 6WIND, we continue to expand our services and coverage while seamlessly migrating to the latest server technology, showing a return on investment in software innovation to provide ever-growing performance to our customers”.
EOLO is an industry leader for its vision to build a software-defined nationwide wireless network to service its customers. We are proud to help EOLO execute its vision towards rapid customer service expansion and market share growth,” said Eric Carm├Ęs, Founder and CEO of 6WIND. “EOLO’s early innovation and successful execution proves that the Telco market is ready for the software revolution.”

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