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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ogoni Cleanup: HYPREP commences sensitization of impacted communities

The Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project, HYPREP, has commenced sensitization of Ogoni residents on its activities, in view of the clean commencement of the remediation of the area bided to start soon.
The Project Coordination arm of HYPREP, which visited some of communities that are highly impacted in Ogoni to acquaint them with the programme, stated that the project would carry along citizens of the impacted communities and that the first stage of the project would include provision of good drinking water and healthcare for the areas.
On the first day of the sensitization in a well attended gathering of chiefs youths and women, Bodo and K-Dere communities, Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State, the Head, Project Coordination, HYPREP, Mr. Marvin Dekil, stressed the need for HYPREP to intimate the people of its activities.
The project is introduced by the Federal Government to clean all Ogoni communities. We need to reach out to the communities. We need to inform you that FG is ready to clean up Ogoni. We are about to commence work. We will be visiting the entire site soon. We will be bringing in companies soon with their technology to test what they can do.
In addressing the water needs, we will do something that will provide quick water for the people before the permanent water treatment plant will be installed. We want to beg your support so that we can sue the water facility you already have before we bringing a permanent water treatment plant.”
The paramount ruler of Bodo City, His Royal Highness, King John Bari-Iyedum Berebon, advised HYPREP not to compromise or disappoint FG in the project.

FG is not stupid for choosing and Ogoni son to head the HYPREP. God chose you to carry out the project. They chose Ogoni son to know if we can fail our people. They will petition and lie against you but ensure that in the face of the challenges that you finish this project. Don't compromise when challenges come.”

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